Welcome to the Office of Real Estate

The Office of Real Estate invests in the communities surrounding the campus of Washington University in St. Louis through ownership and management of both residential and commercial properties.

St. Louis is our home and we are committed to improving the many wonderful neighborhoods and thriving business districts our community has to offer. We focus on preserving and enhancing beautiful architecture with our efforts to create and maintain modern spaces where our students, faculty and staff can live, learn and work.

Our Expertise

  • Property acquisition, development and renovation
  • Property management
  • Asset management
  • Community development

Who We Are

Washington University’s Real Estate team is made up of real estate and property development professionals with expertise in residential and commercial property.

Mary B. Campbell

Associate Vice Chancellor for Real Estate

Steve Condrin

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Real Estate

Jason Patton

Asst. Dir., Accounting for Real Estate & Aux. Enterprises

Reginald Scott

Associate Director of Real Estate

Rachel L. Siegert

Associate Director of Real Estate - Commercial